Moving service for seniors

We are proud to offer specialized moving services for seniors. We recognize that moving can be a particularly stressful experience for seniors, often accompanied by major life changes. That's why we're committed to providing a moving service that's not only professional and reliable, but also caring and tailored to their specific needs.

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Step 1 - Planning

Our moving service for seniors begins with careful planning. Our experienced consultants are committed to understanding each customer's unique needs, whether it's the size of the move, the items to be moved or the schedule. We then develop a customized moving plan that takes all these factors into account, ensuring minimal disruption and adhering to the schedules that best suit our customers.

Step 2 - Packaging

Packing is another important step in our process. We know how sentimental possessions can be, especially for seniors. Our moving specialists are trained to pack each item with care and respect, using quality packing materials to ensure the safety of each item during transit.

Step 3 - Timing

Timing is also a major concern when moving seniors. We know that meeting deadlines is crucial, so we work efficiently to ensure a smooth and speedy move. Our teams are trained to work diligently, taking the necessary time to ensure that every item is handled with care.

Our mission

At SH Déménagement, we believe that every move is an opportunity to show compassion and respect. We're proud to offer a moving service for seniors that not only respects their belongings, but also their autonomy and dignity. When you entrust your move to us, you can rest assured that you're in safe, caring hands.

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We are available for you

With every move, our team is committed to providing you with an unparalleled experience. We strive for excellence in quality and speed of service – no job is too big or too small! Let us rise to the challenge to ensure that your project is completed without a hitch.